About Us

Salary is the most important aspect of people's financial lives. At WageSpot we believe salary should be based on your skills, talent and experience - your true worth, not on your past salary history or a title. WageSpot gives an opportunity to every individual user to share their salary information and thus help bring transparency to the topic of compensation. In doing so, we hope to force the employers to focus on fairness that is sorely lacking in the workplace today.

I want to be happy in my career. That is more important to me than money. With WageSpot I can find out from real people which professions provide the highest job satisfaction and in what cities.

Robert, college senior, NY

Getting a clear picture of what developers are earning in my city has given me the knowledge and confidence to better negotiate my compensation

Jennifer, Software Developer, San Jose

Understanding the pay scale and job satisfaction in other professions has given me the courage to try something new

Sarah, Healthcare Director, Las Vegas

I love having direct access to potential recruits. WageSpot gives me an ability to understand the job market dynamics from the employees' point of view. This allows me to be more efficient and responsive in my job.

Maria, Technical Recruiter, San Francisco

I like having insight into the level of compensation as well as the concentration of talent by geographic location. It's very helpful in deciding where to start your business..

Eric, Entrepreneur, Chicago

WageSpot is a guilty pleasure. I get to satisfy my curiosity by learning what others are making in my city and other places.

Brett, Marketing Manager, Los Angeles